Hi guys,

We're evaluating some technologies and we would like to know if Outsystems Platform (version 8 or 9) is compatible with the following libraries/frameworks:
- Bootstrap
- JQuery UI
- Compass
- Burban.io

Hi Carlos

For the first two the answer is yes. There's a forge component with an implementation of the boostrap framework (http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/708/bootstrap/) and for jquery ui I've used it several times in my projects throughout the years and if you search on forge there are several components that use the library (http://www.outsystems.com/forge/#category=&order=&s=Jqueryui).

For the other two I never used them so I'll let someone else share their experience.

Hi Carlos,

For the other 2 tools ( Compass and Burban ) there is is currently no built-in support for sass, but since the only thing both tools do is to generate standard css files you can use the result css files in our styles sheets without any problem.
Just copy paste the end result css to the theme stylesheet and you are done (or add the files themselves as resources and do a import on the main stylesheet).

João Rosado
Thanks ;)

Just as a side note:  same applies for any other css tooling. For instance both ServiceCenter and Lifetime css's are generated using less.

João Rosado