POST request to SSL enabled server

POST request to SSL enabled server

I need to make a programmatic POST call to a URL that requires HTTPS connections.

Using PostRequest_Submit from HTTPRequestHandler extension results in a "400 Bad Request" ...

How do I achieve that?


Hi Stefan,

That method is totally transparent on what type of http/https is uses. As long the url is correct it should work.
Are you sure the problem is the ssl? Does it require client certificates?

João Rosado
Hey Joao,

So the server I'm hitting is the Outsystems server itself :)

I am testing a RESTful service that I have implemented in Outsystems.

If I run the exact same request against the server through Postman it works absolutely fine - through PostRequest_Submit I get a 400

If you try the same page but allowing http does it work correctly?
Can you see if you are getting a screen log to the page? I guess it's failing inside the preparation due to actually the request being invalid.

Looking at the PostRequest_Submit it doesn't do anthing special http protocol wise.
Also note that it only PostRequest_Submit only does "application/x-www-form-urlencoded". If your page is expecting a json body on the request you need to use something else like (like ardoHTTP)

João Rosado
Ah - that's the crux ... I need to be able to submit a raw POST.

Does ardoHTTP work with version 8? (the download page is inconsistent - some versions list v9 as required, others list v7 +)

Thanks for the pointer already!!
- Stefan

OK ... ardoHTTP does work, and fixes the issue.

Thanks Joao!!

Yes it works in 8.

Just download one of the versions that say 7.

The reason why it is mixed up like that is because in 9 there a new packaging system called Apllication Package. That allows applications to have concepts of dependencies between them, allowing a very easy installation of forge components from Service Studio.

So every time Ricardo releases a version he publishes 2. One for with Application Package and another just as Module for compatibility with 7+


João Rosado