Web Blocks

Have an app which will grow to 100's of web blocks. Any tips on how to group these or manage these in a better way? My Interface tab is just a wall of web blocks and very hard to navigate through. Maybe my app needs to be broken down into smaller chunks or modules, any how-to's or tips on how i should go about doing this? Any other suggestions?

Since you manage your app by several web blocks, i would suggest you to group your web blocks in diferent modules. Create specific modules with those specific web blocks, and then add refrences to your main module. 
This is just in turn of organization. This could take a while for you to decide which web blocks in which module, but foward on, it would be better for your organization.

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Breaking your application into several modules might make sense.
Check the online training. It has some videos on how to expose and reuse functionality between modules.
Also there are some videos on how you should architect your apps.