Service Studio and issue tracking

Service Studio and issue tracking

We have an issue tracking system where we organized our scrum flow, bug and task tracking. It corespondes the schema [Epic -> User stories -> Tasks].

I wonder, If it possible not only upload and publish, but also add some comment to publishing?
For example a issue number. And Track all changes for that publishing -- all acions what has been changes, all screens?

For example, like it possible to implement with Jira and Svn commits.

Thank you.
Hi Dmitry,

The Development Environment does not support such feature. We have already an entry in our ideas section regarding that feature here.

As of now, we've got our hands full. When we have time, and should it be pertinent, we may revisit this topic and implement such a feature, as happened in the past with other ideas.

Please keep your ideas coming. We love to hear your feedack.

Ricardo Alves