Need Users Application

Need Users Application

I want to do some changes in current User Application. 
Can you please send me USERS.OML file..?
Thank You..!
Hi pankaj,

Users is a System Module, so it cannot be changed. The only thing that you can do, if you really want to change some of its functionalities, is to open a clone of the Module and work directly on it.

Best regards,

Tito Azevedo
Ok Thanks Tito. 
Actually i have created link from my application to users module and i want to create link from User module to my application because instead of writing URL everytime its better to access through Link on Label .
Can you please help me with solution for that .
Hi pankaj,

If the only thing you want is that functionality, you have it already in the Users Switch Application widget:

The only thing that you should be aware is to have "Your Application" as an application itself.

Luis Figueiredo
Oh its that simple :) i was exactly looking for same.
Thanks Luis