Version 9 Upgrade Sequence

Version 9 Upgrade Sequence



We're preparing to upgrade to Version 9 and have a couple of questions.

The 9.0 Install Checklist.mht says, “LifeTime should only be installed in a dedicated environment.   Update it before the others.”

1.  Is this saying that the Lifetime environment should be updated before the dev, qa and Front-end Servers are upgraded?

2.  If Lifetime is upgraded to version 9 first, will Lifetime be backward compatible with the not-yet upgraded version 8 Front-End Servers?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Karen,

If you have followed the recommendations and have LifeTime installed in a dedicated environment, you should upgrade your lifetime environment first. 

LifeTime is backward compatible with the not yet upgraded OutSystems Platform 8 front-end servers.

If you run into any issues, please be sure to let us know!

Best regards,
Ricardo Marques
Thank you!
You should check the OutSystems Platform Upgrade in the Cloud technote.
Maybe it contains relevant information.