footer and title(little barunder the header) question.

First off thanks for all the help in understanding this product... i am getting there..

I want my footer to be atmost 55px at the bottom of the page... but no matter how i change the settings in the css from min-height:55px; it still takes up a huge chuck of the bottom of the page..

secondly .. my title seems to disappear when i use to test the app from the web address generated.. i even tried loading it on my samsung note 4 it doesnt load..

but on the web browser on my pc it loads.... so i am little confused on why this is.

Please help
Can you share the oml, the page etc.
this sounds more like an css issue than actual Outsystems.

please see attached
Footer issue:

I am sleepy, but min-height is minimum height, so the height can be anything with a minumum of 50px
(which you got from the basic theme as well)

so, set the height to 60px for example.
make the background-color red (with !important) so you can actually see what is happening.

Title issue:
I assume you mean the actual title "find a ..." ?
Try resizing your browser and see what happens with your title.
It's default behaviour of the london responsive theme.