Checking for ListRecord's binary fiels has had value put inside

how to check that some bin object isn't null (i.e 'Images.Icon <> NullBinary()' ) ?
I mean, I have a record Images and most of its fields (actual images) aren't requered, but how than to check whether those fields had data put?
Hi Vladimir,

You have an extension called BinaryData that is part of the System Components. There are some actions to manipulate binary files, namely the BinaryDataSize that returns the size of BinaryData that you pass as a parameter.

You can use it to check if it is bigger than zero (if the binary file actually has content).

Best regards,

Tito Azevedo
hmm, marked as being 'DEPRECATED' ...?
It's marked as deprecated because it's now part of the OutSystems Platform Installation.

You should have it available in the server that you're using.

Best regards,

Tito Azevedo
well, thanks, Tito, it looks like something could be utilized :)