[XML Records] How to overwrite the informations in a structure

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Published on 11 Jan (9 days ago) by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 11 Jan (9 days ago) by Afonso Carvalho
Hi All,

I'm using the XML to record list, and it work quite well, thanks Ricardo!
The only problem, is that i'm not able to overwrite the information just wrote into the structure that i have previously used.
This mean that i have to close the pop up, where the functions is created, and open it again, at this point the structure is empty and than the xml restart to work again.

I'm wondering if there is a way to instruct the XmlToRecordList to overwrite what it can find in the table.

Many thanks for the help

HI Simone,

You can call the ListClear action from the System Reference to clean the list before calling the XmlToRecordList .

Edit: also you could use it inside an Action (instead of just directly on the screen flow), that way the local (or output) variable would be inside the action it would always be a new one, instead of the local variable of your screen that gets reused between calls.

João Rosado

Hi Joao, thanks for you reply!

I have created and action and It work perfectly now following your suggestions!!!!

Have a nice day!