Communication Error Cannot Connect to My Personal Cloud When I Publish

Communication Error Cannot Connect to My Personal Cloud When I Publish


I have made a similar discussion about this but am still unsure on how to resolve this issue

It has happened a few times during the course but today has been the worst so far and it is blocking me from getting my work done.

The issue is when I try publish my app to my personal cloud. I get a communication error when trying to contact my cloud at

It seems the http request is not being sent.

The weird part about this is that this error happens at the most random of times, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and my internet connection is fine all the time. But today it just won’t connect to the cloud at all.

Why would this be happening and how could I resolve this from happening again?

I did get one suggestion saying it could be my VM but surely it could be something else?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


Outsystems is in the process of upgrading the personal environments to - you should have received an email about that.  I'd bet that was the problem you encountered.  I clicked on the link you provided and I get your login screen with no issue.

Thanks for the feedback

If you click on the link it will take you to the log in screen no problem

The issue lies when I publish my app.

Even though the link I provided is accesible, when I publish my app in Service studio, the cloud cannot be contacted. 

It is very weird behavior

Perhaps the upgrade to is a reason but howcome it happens so randomley?

Kind Regards