I am trying to figure out how would I go about making an app that does the following:

When you login as a user, the app will show that specific users account balances, transactions etc

So if I log in as Peter (Just an example) then the app will only show Peters account balances ect

If I log in as John, then he should not see Peters account balances only his own 

How do I go about doing that?

I have attached a basic oml file for you to check out.

You can use the log in name Peter with password 12345 for testing purposes

Right now you can log in as any user and it will show all balances.

Right now I am confused as to how to do this

Kind Regards

Hi Tyrone,
did you already saw this 4 videos in chapter 13?
I think this explains easily how to do what you want.
Best regards,
Gonçalo Azambujo