How far behind can you be in V9 revisions?

We just upgraded to V9 ( Platform Server and Dev Env). With, can we upgrade to the latest Development Environment? Is there a point where they don't work together? I would hope that a hard incompatibility would be put into the product if that were the case, but I just want to make sure.

Hi Gerry,

No there's no incompatibility. If there were you'd be notified of that once you tried to login in the Development Environment.

But it's advisable that you use the latest version to take advantage of the most recent enhancements and bug fixes in the product.

Hi Gerry,

Usually there is no incompatibilities between components while only changing minor revisions.
What we try to do is to "hide" the features in Service Studio until you are connected to a Server that already also has the feature.

For example, in added Web References with Enumerates being imported as Static Entities, instead of Text.
This won't happen on your Service Studio unless you upgrade the server. But If you develop a eSpace against a higher version server (that has the feature) and then publish it back to an older server there can be problems publishing it.

João Rosado