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Is it possible to use 2 values inside the same chart ?  I am trying to show quantity and gross profit in the same chart. I tried to put 2 kind of values on datapoint value field but it doesn´t work. Someone has some tip ?
See attached file for more details.

Hi Luciano,

Yes it should be possible by using the DataSeries parameter. Take a look at this post that has very usefull information and examples on charts usage.

Hope this helps,
Hi again Luciano,

i just saw the second page from your document. You're using the automatic data conversion to create your charts but in order to create what you want it will have to be slightly different.

You'll need to populate a DataPointList with the values from two sources and on each source You'll have to set the DataSeriesName accordingly.

I've built a very quick sample with dummy values that achieves what you're trying to build. you can check the page here in my personal area.

Hope it helps
   thanks for your example but I didn´t find the secondary axis. See that I use 2 kinds of values...  Do you have some sample regarding this ?
Hi Luciano,
The example I've attached seems to me it has exactly what you want. The oml is attached in my second post.

About the colors and other options you'll have to check on the highcharts documentation.

Hi Guilherme,
   below is the chart that is in the beggining of the .doc file showing quantity and gross profit.
Hi Luciano,

The example I've shown you is obviously a generic one. It was just to show you how you could build a chart that showed 2 lines using the DataSeries and labels.
In order to build your own case you'll have to adjust your logic accordingly.

The sample espace is attached to the second post


Thanks Guilherme,
   by the way, do you know where I can set a secondary axis ?

Do you mean a 3rd Axis like Z? Like a 3d chart?