Export an XLS file in IE8

HI all,

I've tried searching outsystems but couldn't find an answer to my problem.

I need to export an XLS file so that a user can see the format of a spreadsheet they may import (a sample file if you like).

This works in Chrome and firefox (it asks to open in excel which is fine) but in IE8 it tries to download it as a zip file.

Mime type is set to "application/octet-stream" and filename is
 in the download widget

Any clues to resolve this ??

thanks for looking.
Hi Kenneth,
I think it's a problem of configuration settings in your IE8. At this moment the browser should be configured to automatically download and you have to change it to choose the option to download or show the file with an application.


thanks for the quick response. I have both File Download and Auto prompting for file downloads enabled. It prompts me to either save or open it - but it has the file name as agencyuploadsample.zip when i set it in outsystems to be agencyuploadsample.xls.

Where do I find the option to show file with an application ?? Security settings ?

I have found that by saving it as a zip and opening it within Excel, it opens fine. Not exactly perfect but a workaround.

thanks for taking the time to look.

I don't have now a way to see the IE8 specifications. If you try download one file from another webpage comes also in .zip extension? 
strangely enough, I just tried downloading an excel file from our intranet. And that opened excel fine. So it seems to be an outsystems issue or an issue with the settings I use for the widget (i've no idea what the mime type I use does as I copied it from something else so that maybe the problem. Everything else is standard stuff, including the file name).

Something for me to think about over the weekend.

very strange...I tried to download an excel file with that widget in IE11 and works fine. Let's wait to see what staff of OS have to say.

Well a mime-type of an excel file should not be set to "application/octet-stream" if you want to to open correctly.

For a xls the correct mime type is application/vnd.ms-excel
For a xlsx the correct mime type is application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

If you are using the platform built-in RecordList To Excel node (and not a Forge Component) you probably also have the wrong extension, since the export to excel generates .xlsx

João Rosado


thanks for that repply - I changed the MIME type to the xlsx one and renamed the file to an xlsx (I am exporting an xlsx file stored in outsystems so it is not a recordlist) and this has worked fine. It is opening excel now rather than trying to open a zip file.

thanks for all your help.