my oustsytems portal password cant work with users app

something awkward happened, my outsystems personal edition service center login credentialsdoesnt work with my users espace back office. i tried admin admin as username and password it didnt work. i tried to use the same login credentials i use to login into service center ,still it says wrong password. i have never altered the password. please how can i retrieve my password for users application. i need to login to create roles. this issue occurs in my personal environment.
Hi Twlewin,

Did you try the same username and password that you use to login here at the foruns?
If you still can't login send an email to explaining your problem and they will help you out.

João Rosado
Yes I used my forum login credentials and still doesn't work. Same thing to most community apps I get from forge that use logins don't work unless I allow anonymous role.