What is the real cost of development with OutSystems?

What is the real cost of development with OutSystems?


At first glance I have fallen in love with my personal environment and what it can do for me. But before I start investing a great deal of time learning I need to know if it is within the budgets of a freelancer to develope and to districute any kind of application using outsystems.

Is there anyone with some simple answers/guidelines.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Farshid.

The cost isn't supportable by an individual. You have two choices:
a) freelance for OS clients
b) show the apps in your personal environment and convince your client to buy OS

if you are sure this is the thing for you
c) invest in your OS cloud, develop several apps and sell your apps in a SaaS model
I have exactly the same questions. And I would like to have anwers in Euros (or dollars).... ;)
HI Guys,

The information you need is available on the web site (http://www.outsystems.com/enterprise-subscription/).

For additional information you can submit also a princing request using the link Contact Us at the bottom of the same page.