I'm starting my training in OutSystems. A big friend of mine borrowed me his notes, but he made the Certification with Service Studio 8. I have some questions:
1 - Can I use his notes to help me study? I've got Platform Server installed in my Mac.
2 - Is the platform ready to work on also on Mac?

Thanks in advance.
Hugo Leitão
Hi Hugo,

If you are just getting started, maybe you should check the online training.
You'll be making a couple of apps, while learning the fundamentals.

The easiest way to run OutSystems Platform, is by getting your personal environment.
That way, you'll have your own environment running on the cloud for free.

You'll just need to install Service Studio (the development tool). It's only available for Windows, but you can run it inside a virtual machine if you like.

Let me know if this was of any help to you.