Icons missing from Outsystem's hosted webpage

Icons missing from Outsystem's hosted webpage

Recently I was surfing the website http://labs.outsystems.net/londontheme/GoingMobile.aspx with IE11 (V11.0.9600.17501) and I noticed that the icons (triple horizontal bar for menu when screen is resized, icon pics for desktop/tablet/mobile) are missing.  Even with the compatibility view turned on I'm unable to view the icons.  Although it is obvious that it is an issue with regards to IE11 browser but what could have caused this?  Inability of the browser to process icon graphics? 

Hi Jeremy,

That is indeed strange. I've tried it here and was not able to reproduce it. Do you see any errors when you open the F12 Developer Tools?

Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your reply.  It seems that my browser is unable to recognise the icons.
I've visited http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome and I'm unable to see the icons there too.
Sorry I'm not well-versed with CSS but I noted that in my developer tool the error CSS3114 appears.  States "@font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be installable." for the following:
fontawesome-webfont.ttf, Roboto-Regular-webfont.ttf.
Hi Jeremy,

I think this might be an issue with IE11 and possibly some version of the operating system.
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Hi Guys,

I've found out that it was due to the configuration 'download font' that was set to 'disabled' in the Security settings of the IE browser.  Thanks for the useful information provided.