I like to know if the following scenario is possiblle in outsystem. I have a batch file(excel) containing 100 records. Will it be possible in outstystem to create two threads, one threads processing the first 50 records and other thread processing the second 50 records and the output from the two threads have to be consolidated and written in a sepearte file. Will it be possible to achieve this scenario using timers? Any guidance is appreciated.
Ramya -

A few things:

1. Timers can run in parallel.
2. But the SAME timer will NEVER have more than one instance running at once.

So TimerA and TimerB will run at the same time, but you will never get two copies of TimerA running.

You may be able to do what you want with Processes, which have a parallel processing piece if I recall.

Thank you for your quick reply.  I am new to outsystems. I need some guidance on the below scenario.  I have a file containing 100 lines, I need to create an instance/thread  which process/reads first 50 lines and other instance/thread which reads next 50 lines.  Can you suggest will it be possible to achieve this, if so can you guide, how to achieve this in outsytems? Any guidance is appreciated.
My suggestion is to write a c# or java extension and deal with it there.
If you REALLY want to keep it in OutSystems and use timers:

1. Save the rows to an Entity, with a flag for "thread 1" or "thread 2".
2. Make 2 timers, one that works for "thread 1" and one for "thread 2".
3. Use WakeTimer to start those timers running in parallel.

It's not ideal, but if you MUST do these in parallel and you MUST stay 100% in OutSystems AND the Process system won't do what you need, that's how I'd do it.