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what i am trying to do is make a link visible only if the user assinged to a particular role signs in .. if they sign in as a different user assigned to a different role  i want the link to be invisible ...

i have set up 2 users atm each with assigned a different role which i want to have different acess rights

as an inexperienced developer what is the exact code i need to input to allow this work

kind regards
Hi Sat,

You need to use the Check action of the specific role to validate if a user has it or not.
Check this screenshot. Also note that the UserId in that action is optional, if unspecified it checks for the current user.

João Rosado
This is correct .. as shown in the screenshot
It is eay to uncheck and check which pages you want to be visible to certain roles but i want to make the page visible but some of the features such as links invisible to some of the roles
You will have to put an IF around those and test for the role with Check<role>Role(UserId)
what exactly would the if statement look like if the role was called admin

Edit: would actually be "CheckadminRole()" if your role is lowecase