Fetch another page in container

Fetch another page in container

I have created one manual dropdown and i want to show another page in current page's container on menu change.is it possible ?
if yes please tell me how i can achieve this.
Thanks in advance..!
Hello Pankaj

If I understand you correcltly, you want to show a determined part of content in a page depending on the selection of a drop down, is that it?

Is so, you could have a web block inside an if in the page that has the drop down and have the webblock showed only when the value is the intended one...

Hope it helps,
Pedro Cardoso
If you want to be able to call it by URL (say, the content is coming from another site), use the OnChange of the dropdown to run the jQuery .load() method. For example, an expression on your screen with "Escape Content" set to "No":

"<script type='text/javascript">
$('#" + DropdownName.Id + "').change(function() {
$('#" + Container.Id + ").load(this.val());

This assumes that the values of the dropdown are the URLs you want to visit.

thank you Pedro and Justin . suppose i add three web-blocks there and i want to show one of them and hide other on button or sub_menu how can i achieve this ?

Pankaj -

Put an If widget on the screen for each Web block, put the conditions that determine if they got shown in the condition, then put the Web blocks inside them.