Admin Permissions and Error Log @ Service Center

Good Morning!

I'm having some troubles to understand what's going on with the platform.

Firs Case

My Monitoring tab in service center seems to lost the connection with all the espaces and applications.

There is nothing registered in the Error logs, Email Logs, timers ,etc..

The Seconde Case

My Admin User seems to lost all the permissions over the solutions that we have on the production enviroment.

I don't Know if this cases are connected, but a assume they are.

Could somebody give me a hand?

Hi Nuno

Can you provide some more context about this environment. You're refering to a production environment. So this isn't happening on your personal environment, correct?

Is this a on premises environment? Was it just installed or was installed ou upgraded some time ago?

Is this problem occurring since the environment was installed, or upgraded, or just started to happen?