Locked out of User Management

Locked out of User Management


I was in the user management console and change the authentication from Active Directory to Internal Only, however I did not have any internal users defined at the time, only Active Directory users.  The default admin account was deleted.
Problem is that I can no longer login into the User Management console
How can I fix this problem ?

Hi Bilal,

Here is how you can fix it:
  1. Login to ServiceCenter ( https://yourserver/ServiceCenter/ )
  2. Go to the Users eSpace in the Factory->eSpaces
  3. Select the Tenants tab
  4. Click on the "Users (Default Tenant)" link
  5. Set the ActiveDirectoryAuthentication site propert to True
That should do it.

João Rosado
Thanks João ....you're a lifesaver.   I'm back in again.