DevelopmentEnvironment-M.m.b.r.exe which version to install in Production...

DevelopmentEnvironment-M.m.b.r.exe which version to install in Production...

Hello all, I have 3 questions

Why do I need the DevelopmentEnvironment installed if I'm on a production server .NET (checklist says that is needed)?

And how to know which version I have installed?

And if i want to make another instalation with the same eSpaces an extensions as before l is it important the DevelopmentEnvironment version I previously installed?

Thanks, please help me to clear some of my  questions/doubts
Hi Pedro,

1) The OutSystems platform uses the development environment to automatically upgrade you espaces and extension modules and also to automatically refresh when you're publishing a solution, hence the need

2) Typically you'll install the same version as your platform sever but that's not mandatory (as long as it is a compatible one). So the way to be absolutely sure would be to log in to the machine, open it and check the version.

3) As long as they are compatible you should be fine. For example if you develop in and on other server you have it should not make any difference. Howhever when the platform tells you that it cannot downgrade (typically between major and ocasionally on some minor versions) then you'll need to make sure that the destination server has a version that can open the modules.

Hope this helps

Great Answer Guilherme thanks a lot.


May I know what is the consequence of not installing the development environment in the production environment?  Or is there a way to have the development environment installed but removing both the Service and Integration Studio?  We would like to remove possibility of ppl being able to make changes in the production environment.

Hi Jeremy,

You must have the Development Environment installed in your Deployment Controller server. If you are running a farm you just need to have it installed in the server with Deployment Controller role.

When you publish an eSpace/extension/solution from Service Center, those applications will be compiled using the Development Environment of your Deployment Controller server. Not having this it will end up in error.

For limiting the access for Production you should define specific permissions/roles for your Service Center users. Doing this you can achieve your goal.

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves
Thanks Ivo for your prompt response.