Business Processes and External Tables


For a Business Processes, I'm trying to use a reference to a table external to Outsystems in a "Launch On Create" action.  Once referenced in my application, I am unable to check the "Expose Process Events" property in the Advanced tab of my external table.  Is there a way in Integration Studio to "enable" the "Expose Process Events" property?  If not, is there another way that I can use the external table in the "Launch On Create" action in Processes?


Hi Karen,

The Launch on create implies the creation of a trigger on the db. Because the platform does not allow you to manage external entities (you can reference them, get and/or write data) but no execute DDL operations I don't think this is possible.

So something you could do is have a timer or another process that periodically checks for new records and starts the corresponding process.

If you have access to the external table you could in theory create a trigger that would invoke a ws in os and you'd start the process from there.

Hope this helps