Expected a 'Int32'

Expected a 'Int32'

Hi Guys,

Today I have received the following error message:
The file is the same one from quite a while, and the format in the spreadsheet and in the module are both date.
Where the "int32" is coming from?

Many thanks!

Check the column format in Excel.  I usually do "Custom" and then set it to the date format required by the platform server (i.e. 2015-01-26, yyyy-mm-dd)
Many thanks Rebecca, but it look like something different.

It look like a mismatch between the entity and the spreadsheet during the upload. Everithing looks okay on both but the error is still coming out.


Sometimes I have to create a seperate structure with columns that matches the spreadsheet and then copy to the entity where it needs to be.
Hi Rebecca,

There is no way, is not a matter of csv or xls, name of the columns, format, or other things, once that there is an int32 on the file, than the import start to create problem.


Hi Simon,

Can you post an example eSpace where you are experiencing the problem?

João Rosado