Best Practice in Wizard

Best Practice in Wizard


I'm constructing an app for a customer that requires a wizard with 5 different steps to input data (each step is a screen). As a wizard is capable of "Continue" and "Back" and each step is a different screen, I'm torn between passing all the inputs between screens as input parameters or using Session variables. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

I'd like your input on which is better on this situation and why.

OR should I do this in 1 screen and use some kind of tabs to separate the steps? I was going for something like this:

PS: Some of the variables are RecordLists !!!
Hi Gonçalo,

I personally would either:
  • make it all in one page with hidden parts (and ajax to move from one step of the wizard to the other)
  • save the data to the database on temporary entities used just for the wizard

João Rosado
I would do this on one screen with web blocks and ajax.
Thank João and Gerry,

The "one screen approach" is something for me to consider, yes.


Saving the data to the DB is not an option, but thanks anyway.


Web blocks are out of the question. I will need to interact with the EditRecords on each "step". To access the variables on each I would need notifies back and forth and this would afect performance heavily.