Single space in Oracle DB text fields


We are encountering problems with inserting fields into our Oracle database via Outsystems.
When we do an insert (either advanced query or create/update) there is an automatic conversion from textfields with value '' (null) to ' ' (single space). 

In Outsystems this is not a problem, because when you retrieve the values it handles a ' ' as a '' again and we have come full circle. But when we have a different application using this database these single spaces are not wanted.

We know we can change a setting in the integration layer 'Convert to/from NULL value in Database'. This solves our issue for textfields, but this will change some behaviour in Outsystems regarding integers, it interprets the 0 as a null value, while this is in a lot of cases not required and we want to display a 0 on the screen.

We are looking for a structural solution to this problem, preferably by avoding these single spaces. We are thinking about creating an advance query with as input a string where we have manually built up the query with outsystems logic. Or maybe having the other applications handle these single spaces. But both of these are not really appealing to us, and therefore we very much welcome any other ideas of you!

Thanks in advance,