Is there anything equivalent to a tablerecords.list.previous

Is there anything equivalent to a tablerecords.list.previous

I am trying to compare the value of the current record in a tablerecords with the value of the previous one. Is there anything equivalent to a tablerecords.list.previous? Any ideas on how I can achieve this. I want to use the comparison in an IF to hide the content of a cell if it is equal to the previous record to eliminate duplicity.
Thank you.
Hi Itzier,

If you want to avoid duplicates in the TableRecords than you should eliminate it at the source meaning that you should filter your query in order to get distinct results.

Having said that there's no previous but you could achive a similiar result accessing the recordlist object through the index. So let's say you'd want to hide a row if you found the first attribute equal to the previous row.

You could do something like:

Bear in mind that with this approach you'd be hiding the row when redering but the row would still be on the table nad you'd need to adjust other factors like the record counter and pagination to compensate.

Like I said the ideal is for you to filter before binding to the widget (on the preparation).

Hope this helps,

Thank you Guilherme. It worked perfect.