Integrating Outsystems with iPhone online mobile through webservices

Hello community.

I've hired a firm to develop an online mobile application for Android and iPhone what will be done out of the Outsystems (the company is from India and doesn't know anything about Outsystems), therefore the applications will be integrated through webservices.

We're now discussing some technical issues around the integration and the contractor team provided me the following information:

- Webservices provided by Outsystems can be easily used to integrate the platform with the Android world, however it's not applicable to the iPhone ecosystem once the Apple world requires a REST webservice like the one showed in the weblink below.

I've looked for references around the subject to ensure the issue proceeds, but I couldn't find anything. On the other hand, considering what I've seen from Outsystems, I'm not convinced the integration is so complex as company is saying.

Having all this in mind, is there any reference/material that can help me on how to address this issue in a more efficient way?

Kind regards,

You can easily make REST we services with OutSystems. For an example, see here: