Assigning a process to a group of users

Assigning a process to a group of users


I am trying to assign the User of a human activity to a group of users rather than an individual, but I cannot work out how ot do this and there doesnt seem to be anything in the help section, (unless i have missed it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tom,

You can achieve that by using the activity roles. Only the users with a specific role will see on their inbox activities specific for their role.

Hope this helps
So does the Role setting override the User setting? If I leave the User property in the Human Activity blank and check a role, will the activity appear in the taskbox of all users assigned the selected role?
Hi Patrick,

Yes if you leave the User empty and you defined the Role only users with that role will see the task in the taskbox. Once the task is opened by one of them it disappears for the others.
Thanks, André.

That works. It seems that the Activity is created without a User Id and appears in all users' with that role taskboxes until one of them clicks the task, then the Activity User Id is populated and the task subsequently only appears in that users taskbox, if you get what I mean. That's OK with me.

Taskboxes are a great feature by the way.

Oops. I just said what you already said!!