Can we maintaine DB connection string in Table

Hi evryone,

Is there any other way to integrate with oracle DB using outsystems
I was integrated oracle in my application using integration studio. Normally we are storing connection strings in databaseconnection under administration in service center.
My scenario is:
instead of above, i am planing to store all the connection string in one table so that client can update it and set those connection string in databaseconnection under administration in service center. is this possible?

Please help me on that or suggest
Thanks in advance

Hello Pranav,

Probably what you're looking for is the "Set Connection String for Session API"

Please note that this API will affect the current session, and that all databases accessed by it need to have a compliant schema.
How is the connection string encrypted?

I'm in a new detached environment and I need to update the information directly on the database (OSSYS_DBCONNECTION), but it is not a good practice to store the connection string oppened, isn't it?
What version of the platform?

From 9.1 onwards, the connection string is encrypted using the following technique:

If you're on an earlier version, the detached code does not have the key that was previously used, so you'll need to update it unencrypted, or provide your own encryption mechanism.
Why can't I use the key previously used? It is in some place, the database or hard-coded, isn't it?
In versions previous to Bali, the key was a part of the platform which we cannot share, hence it was removed from the detached source code.
Ok, Thank you Ricardo.


Can I use the (SetConnectionStringForSession) with a connection string from table (OSSYS_DBCONNECTION)? How can I decrypt column (database_configuration)?