Imagine a scenario where I have a BaseTheme with error handling that I need to be reused among all applications in the factory because it has the integrated authentication specifics there or something similar.

However my app needs to make some tweeks to the theme (AppTheme), so I create new theme with the base theme being the base one.

My issue is that I want the error handling to continue being done in the BaseTheme and when defining the AppTheme I need to still define a Error Flow.

Is it possible to overflow the exceptions to the BaseTheme error flow? What should I put on the AppTheme error flow property? If I put "None" I get the warning "No Error Handling - Errors are not being handled in the 'MainFlow' web flow. Add error handlers or select a theme with error handling." and after testing I realize that that the error handling is not being done at all.

Hi Carlos,

If your error handling has specific logic you want to keep and don't want to repeat what you can do is the following.

On the base theme you can set as public the screen that do the actual handling (an have the logic you want to keep). On your App you create a new flow (Similar to your error handling on the BaseTheme app) that instead of having its own screens points to the now public screens on the error handling flow on the BaseApp.

I believe that should do the trick.


Hi Guilherme,

I used  your suggestion, however I changed a litle bit. I just put as public the "NoPermission" and "InternalErrors".

In the AppTheme I put a new error handling flow in which I say that "Security Exceptions" go to the "NoPermission" reference and the "All Exceptions" to the "Internal Error" reference.

The remaining screens (Login, Invalid Permissions) I don't need because they are now redirected from the BaseTheme eSpace.