[Advanced Excel] Any example of using this?

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Published on 07:54 (8 minutes ago) by Hanno
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Published on 07:54 (8 minutes ago) by Hanno
Any sample project showing getting the excel file as binary file then selecting the workbook then changing the cell value?
still no example?

Does anyone have an example of using this component. There was no sample in the download.



Any example to use this ?

There is a separate component in the Forge called AdvancedExcel_Sample that has a few examples. I managed to create a new Excel, fill a cell and download it. I'm now trying to get the action ExportUsingTemplate from the sample working, but haven't succeeded yet.

Oh, and I think I encountered a bug: Cell_WriteByIndex has parameters CellValue and CellType. In my testcase, the value of CellType ended up in the cell, and CellValue seems to be ignored.


Cell_WriteByIndex.CellType sets a VALUE, but not a type.

Thank You