Enable App Feedback on Help

I was taking a look into the Service Studio Help content (http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/) and found 2 minor mistakes. I was looking for a way to give you feedback and I only found a link at the bottom saying "Give us your feedback on this topic" which links to a mailto: 
Why not enabling the App Feedback (ECT_Provider) on this various Help "books"? You know better than me how useful that can be. Instead of having me sending 2 emails... and someone at OutSystems loosing minutes to identify what I mean.

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for your feedback, I hope despite this that you took the time to send us those emails...
Our online help is unfortunately and for some reasons that is pointless to discuss here not built with OutSystems Platform so it is not just a point of activating App Feedback on it...

Hi André,

Ok, understood. Thanks. I have sent the emails just now.

I was reviewing some documentation in the help just now and for my surprise I found a feedback widget :)

No need to open a new email message anymore. Good.