Help on first run on ServiceStudio 8

Help on first run on ServiceStudio 8


I'm newbie here and just installed ServiceStudio
When it was open, it asked to input local environment password.
I don't know what it is.
Is there any one who can help me to set up the local dev enviroment?
Or where can I get the document on this?

Thank you in adavnce
Try with admin\admin.
Hi Sungwook,

Why have you installed Service Studio OutSystems Platfrom 9 is the latest release and if you are starting that's the way to go. My suggestion is that you go to and register for your personal environment in the cloud. During this process you will also download the Development Environment for OutSystems Platform 9. When you open it you connect to that environment in the cloud (you will choose the name for it in that process as well) using the credentials you provide.

Let me also suggest that you drop by our online training afterwards so that you can quickly learn how to build applications with OutSystems Platform.

Cheers and have a blast!