[Multiple Select] Using default on change event of list box

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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
Hi All,

Default on change event of listbox doesn't appear to be working after using this component.
Any ideas on how to make it work. Basically I want to use on change to populate another list box using ajax refresh. 

I got around this by binding a link click to onClose event of MultipleSelect.
Can you provide an example how you did that? Thanks.
I could not get the default onChange event of the list box to fire either. I tried using extended properties and could not get any events to fire in there. Can anyone provide some more details on a work around ?

kota, when you say the onClose event of MultipleSelect, did you do this in the javascript for the FancyMultipleSelect web block?

Hi There,

I have enclosed the Multiple Select List in a container and I am trying to write some JS for OnChange event of Container. The function that I wrote is working , but the selection is clearing off after some seconds and it will be defaulted to All Selected.