ECT Supported Versions

ECT Supported Versions

Does someone know the minimum and maximum browser versions required for ECT to work correctly?  I posted this previously:

but recently found that ECT isn't working with IE 8 either (we're in the process of ugprading users).  Does anyone know if its possible to downgrade back to ECT version 8 until we can finish upgrading our users browsers?
Hello Rebeca,

At the time of your post, ECT was still the old version, prior to what we've launched with 9.0.023. If you're upgradin to you will have what is now known as App Feedback: a revamp of ECT. I just opened App Feedback on IE8 and it seems to be working as expected. 

I believe that your test was still on the old version. Are you able to test the new version in your use case? Maybe in your own personal, if you have one...

Pedro Cardoso

We have upgraded ECT to the newest version (9.0.23) ... so it is now App Feedback.  We only have 1 more environment that we have not upgraded (production) and we do not have ECT turned on for this environment.

I'm not able to reproduce the error. Can you provide steps for me to be able to reproduce it?

Pedro Cardoso
I just open an application in IE 8 and try clicking on the bubble but nothing happens.  There is a javascript error saying that "ECT_Feedback" is unknown.

Got it. I'm now able to reproduce it. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Hello Rebeca.

The issue is fixed. I just tested App Feedback in IE8 after fixing the issue, and it seems to be working perfectly.

I'll contact you through a more standard channel so that you can get the fix.

If anyone else feels that they could benefit from this fiz, please get in touch wiht us ;)

Pedro Cardoso
Thanks Pedro. You are awesome.