Using combo drop and a search button

Good day all.. i am making progressing in understanding outsystems.

I have watched this video a few times to understand using combo boxes and a search button as a fillter :

How can i pass the values of the combo boxes to another screen ?

I see there is an option to add a new argument under Destination option of the button... but i keep getting a read X when i add the variable name of any one of the combobox fields.. please see attached
Hi Andre,
In your Search web screen you need to create two input parameters (DoctorType, TownCity). You can right click on "Search" screen in the widget tree and select "Add Input Parameter".
In "Click_Book_Healthy" screen you can assign your search variables to the input parameters of "Search" screen in the Navigate method.
Just to complete what Tiago Said...Remember in your Search screen, to filter your query, to the input parameters you have just passed, cause if not, you would get all list.
Tiago.. i have added the 2 input parameters as you suggested.. and when i do add them.. under the search button on the Click_Book_healthy" screen ... under destination they appear as well.... this is where i get a little confused.. please see below

this is the last screen shot..
Also shouldnt the button be set to "Submit" and not navigate ?
Hi Andre,

You should use DoctorType identifier and City identifier as data types for the local variables and input parameters.
And yes, set the button to Submit instead of Navigate in order to submit the currently selected values (otherwise they'll be ignored).

See this video as well:

This post may be also interesting for your scenario:


You're on the right track. Take a look at the content Paulo suggested.
For both the local variables and input parameters you should use the identifier as data types for performance issues and then on the Search screen preparation you use a query to get the data record of those ids
By the way, don't forget to use Submit as the On Click Method.
But, as food for thought: you can use Navigate, in a scenario where you would go to an action instead of a Web Screen, to do some needed logic (not your case I think) and as last node of that action you would put a Destination widget to the Web Screen and pass the arguments to the input parameters.
guys i got it working :) thats the pointers.. still got a few issues to fix.. but i am making alot of head way.. i only big grip is that my footer is not a nice thin bar a the bot of my scren.. its this

i have checked the CSS and the min height for the footer is set to 50px.. so i am clueless on why the footer looks huge on the pc and huge on the mobile...
It looks like you have something (a container? web block?) taking that space but without any visible content. Try to find it. It's a good learning experience.

A detail regarding what I said previously: you can use Navigate method to an action on a link only, if it's a button you can only Navigate to a web screen (Service Studio will not even allow it) .
Tiago.. i cant seem to find a container or webblock... if in the sample contact app is the same thing.. i dont know if its my install..

this is my css file...

could it be the London theme layout ?
The London theme doesn't have such a wide gap between the footer and the end of the page. Your CSS is ok.

You don't see it in your eSpace, but in the London theme you are using (comes from RichWidgets eSpace reference), after the footer placeholder there is a container (the same happens on other standard OutSystems layouts) with some webblocks (include some javascript for feedback messages, responsive table records, ...).

What you show is not the standard behavior. You must have changed something you probably didn't noticed.

I create a new blank application... and this what it looks like...

it does the same thing ....hrm.. i dont think i changed anything in the RichWidgets espace..
Hi Andre,
As I said, by default the theme on a blank application has some spacing after that text in the footer. It seems a bit too much in your case, but it may be an illusion from seeing your image...
Try to save your application and attach your file (oml filetype - OutSystems MarkUp Language) here in the forum so that I or someone else can take a look.

By the way, a good source of learning this subject is this OutSystems Academy video: