Impossible to sort by field in aggregate

Impossible to sort by field in aggregate


I'm using a static entity in the aggregate, and I click on the column's "down-arrow" to show the commands, that menu shows: "Group By", "Count", and then a list of values with checkboxes (!?). When a static entity has many values, this makes other commands (including "Sort") disappearing somewhere outside of the screen.

I don't see any other way to make sorting except using this menu, so it looks like impossible to sort in this case. Is it?
Hi Igor,

This is great feedback! Can I suggest that you use the submit feedback option on the help menu for you to send this feedback? Thanks!

I'm trying to figure out a workaround for you.... (processing)


So here's the not so obvious work around :( - by the way I've already pass on this feedback to the team.

You can use the Dynamic Sort in this case. Use the Add Dynamic Sort option under the Sorting tab and type "{Entity1}.[Label] ASC" where Entity1 would be your static entity. Replace ASC with DESC if you want descending order.
For the preview to work properly you will need to type this same value under the test values tab... 


Thanks, Andre - your workaround idea is great! And I have sent feedback also.
Hi Igor,

In the next revision patch, we'll be including an "Add Sort" option in the Sorting tab, which provides a clearer alternative to using the menu for this particular scenario.

Thanks for the feedback,