Upload Video

Is there a suggested method for uploading video similar to images and used in a record show screen? Eg a video per person that can be viewed when I click to view a persons record show page (not in a table record).  Can assume that network and storage requirements are dealt with.
Hi Dan,

A video is just a binary right? So initially you can approach that as if you were dealing with images (just to implement your app). Soon you'll understand that for this large binaries that have to be dowloaded/streamed a lot you should use an alternative and for that I recommend you using Amazon's S3 storage system.

It will involve some logic to store and to fetch the binaries as no longer they will be on the DB but its not something fancy.

For dealing with S3 there are at least a couple of components on forge but the latest which hasn't been deprecated is this one: http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/416/advancedamazons3/

Hope this helps,