I Deleted the main user

I created an webscreen with a "Table Records" to show all users, and included an delete button, to delete the desired user. It works fine and refresh the table.

But I made a mistake: I deleted the first user of the table, wich is myself (the username I use to login in outsystems site and the personal environment),
Now, I can't login in ther user app ("me".outsystemscloud.com/users ).

How can I add my account again?
Hi Mara,

You've deleted an application user, not a platform user. What I mean with this, is that you can still create applications. Therefore, a quick solution would be to create, for instance,  an application with an anonymous page, and there, in its preparation, create a new user with the desired credentials. Mind you that the password must be encrypted (it's a built-in function, located in the Miscellaneous folder).

After that, simply access the newly created page, and the user should be created.

If you're still after this, feel free to ping me back :)

Ricardo Alves
I already have a form to create users.

I did your suggestion. I created an user with my credentials (same email and username as my plataform login).
Now I can login again in the user management app but I get this:
"Invalid Permissions
You don't have permissions to view the required screen. Please contact the system administrator."
So, in fact, I can't use the users app.

Now, how can I give permissions to my account and make it the master user?

Hi again Mara,

My bad. You do need to give permissions to your user. There are two tables you can look up: role and user_role. You can reference them both by going to the add/remove dependencies. They are entityes under (System).

You'll need to give your user the UserManager and SuperUser roles. You'll need to add them to the user_role table. Once you've done this, everything should work. You can do this the same way you created a new user.

Ricardo Alves
Ainda bem que há maneira de fazer isso.
Vou tentar.