Error in Outsystems

Error in Outsystems

Good morning. 
I was watching the videos from Module 4 When  appeared this error and does not let me create new orders or edit ordes already existing.
If anyone can help me thanks a lot.
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Best regards,
Ruben Cruz,
Hello Ruben,

The error you are getting is a foreign key constraint error. That means that somewhere in the record you're trying to Create, there's a foreign key id whose value does not match an existing record.

This will typically happen if you forget to assign the foreign key and it's using the default value (0).

You should review your logic to ensure the foreign key is correctly filled in.
Hi Ruben,

As you probably seen on the video you need to assign the OrderId to the ShippingDetails record before sending the ShippingDetails record to the database.
Thank you for the help.