Off line mobile app

i am researching outsystems as a possible solution to rewrite our current mobile app in a platform independant manner. 
One of the requirments of our app , is that all data must be stored off-line on the mobile device, so the app still works when the device is offline.
The offline sample app states that all pages must be visitid before working off line, this is not a workable solution for us. 
Whenever the device is online, it would gather all relevant data via a webservice, and store it locally, and whenever a user opens a form / list of the application this local data would be shown.

Is this possible with outsystems? ( i have done the first 7 tutorials, and while it is not yet totally clear to me, it seams that outsystems applications depend on a cloud for their data ? )
Hello Stijn,

You should look at the need to visit all pages as a development task. It is something the developer has to do before making it available to users.

This is needed because the offline apps component will inpect the requests and generate the manifest file for you.
After the developer has done this for the first time, the users won't need to do it.

Your need of downloading all the data for the device is totally possible. It's just a matter of developing the REST service that reteurns whatever you need in your page.

Hope it helps,
Pedro Cardoso
thx for the quick reply, 
i guess nothing stops me now from trying to make a prove of concept app to make te final decision

Write back if you need help!

Pedro Cardoso
Is it an issue that the mobile app only needs a small subset of all the data available on the cloud ?
how do we teach the application what subset to download ? 
( each app will need data from all tables, but only those records in these tables that are visible to the user of the app )
I think that visiting each page will teach the app what tables to access, but not how to filter the data in these tables ? 
Hello Stijn,

the way to control the data that will be downloaded to the device is controlled by you in the rest service that you'll be implementing.

I would advise you to build specific screens for mobile, if you have different use cases for online vs offline.

Makes sense?
Pedro Cardoso