Ajaxrefresh in EditableTable

Ajaxrefresh in EditableTable

We want to enter default values for columns after a onchange of a combo-box...

... but after the ajax-refresh the fields are disabled.

What are we doing wrong? this is the OnChange action:

Edit: resized the pictures, so the ValidFrom and ValidTo fields (columns) are visible
Hi Matthias,
at a first look I think you have to do an ajax refresh also to the aggregate you have on the preparation of that web screen that is  bound to the table records, so when refesh the table you could display the new elements take in consideration the value that you choose in your combobox. Because you use a variable in your aggregate filter that is also used to hold the value of the combobox, right?
In the assign of the above OnChange Action, i changed the values of EditableTable.List.Current.Record.ValidFrom value, these are the values i want to edit; i don't want to go back to the data stored in the database.

The values that i get with the Aggragate are not the same values than the one i get in the Preperation, but as you can see, in the 2nd picture the values are changed succesfully but not editable.

Hi Matthias,
Without further details, what I can suggest is using Debugger to understand what is going on. Debugger is my best friend :)
But the fact that those elements (ValidFrom, ValidTo) become disabled makes me think you should check the Enabled property of them. Are you using any webblock?
Maybe you can attach an oml
Ok Matthias, I didn't saw the second picture. In that case i think the approach that Tiago gave is best thing to do to try understand what really happening.
Attached a simple test eSpace to demo the Ajax refresh behaviour

Hi Matthias,
I was taking a look at your file and I figured out what is wrong.
There is no problem in your logic as this is actually a bug in the platform: when doing an Ajax Refresh in the Input widget of the EditableTable, the CSS of the input is changed and the style "InEditMode" is lost.

The input doesn't get disabled, you can actually still edit the value, although it looks like not enabled... Just for you to verify what I'm saying I've changed the Style property of the two Inputs to "InEditMode" - that's the only change I did on your file. Take a look at the file attached.

I will make a new post in the forum with this subject so that someone from OutSystems can take a note of this.