Using "OSTagName"

I was looking for a way to use HTML elements such as <kbd>, <code>, and <ol>.  Eventually I came across what looks like a hidden property in OutSystems called "OSTagName" that, when used as an extended property, can override the HTML element that is created from the widget.  (While this property did not work for things like the List Records widget, it did work for things like the Placeholder widget.)

However, I did not see anything in the documentation that references "OSTagName" (searching for this quoted string in the documentation gives zero results).  Is this a safe method to use in order to get HTML elements that aren't easily supported by OutSystems, or should I not be using this on a production website?  If I shouldn't be using this, is there another way to get these HTML elements?

Hi Mike,
I'm not sure if it fits your needs, but you can drag and drop an Expression element and unescape it on it's properties (set "Escape Contents" to No).
Be careful: you will need to encode those values with EncodeHTML()
Give it a try.
Hi Tiago, thanks for the response, but if at all possible I would like to use the OutSystems widgets themselves instead of using expressions.  I think writing all of my HTML in expressions could become difficult to maintain, and not leverageing the platform as much as I would like.  This method would work for very simple situations, but more complex actions would require something more like OSTagName.

As an example, I built a set of two web blocks.  The first offers a placeholder that overrides to an <OL> tag with OSTagName.  The second offers a placeholder that overrides to a <LI> tag with OSTagName.  Then those consuming this system can drag over the first web block (the <OL>), then several of the second web block (the <LI>s) to make an list without having to manually write the HTML in Expressions.


Is there a way to use OSTagName to override default span tags of Listrecords