Dynamic Drop Down Value

Let say I have a query generate 5 record list from structure entity called structure1 with only attribute1

I have a table record widget, points to that structure entity and with that query

then I create additional column, with a dropdown widget and I will call that widget ddIM with static hardcoded values

let say I have 3 drop down values: Apple, Orange, Peach

when I publish it, the table record shows header row and 5 rows of the data i got from the query, but with two rows, 2nd column I have the value i got from the query with respective data for each row value, 1st column I have the hard coded valules of the drop down, ddIM.

now I have a button action that I want to save selected drop down value along with the value that I got from the query.

So right now my save button action has a foreach widget with tablerecord as the recordlist I have an advquery as 
insert into ... select In1, In2

In1 being what static hardcoded dropdown value  that I selected for that row and In2 being that value

here is what I mean, initial run:

|______________| Order Pick |  
|  Drop Down Box |        2         |
|  Drop Down Box |        5         |
|  Drop Down Box |        1         |
|  Drop Down Box |        4         |
|  Drop Down Box |        3         |

and after selecting and ready to save

|______________| Order Pick |  
|  Apple                 |        2         |
|  Peach                |        5         |
|  Orange              |        1         |
|  Peach                |        4         |
|  Apple                 |        3         |

Now the advquery to save above tablerecord is

insert into {} ([],[])... select In1, In2

In2 being TableRecords1.List.Current.Structure1.Attribute1
In1 is the part where I dont know

I thought should have been TableRecords1.List.Current.ddIM.SpecialSelectedValue


So now what is In1?
nvm solved my own problem.

in structure1 I create additional attribute2

assign the dropdown's speciallistvalue to structure1.attribute2

and so In2 is TableRecords1.List.Current.Structure1.Attribute2