Web Service Passing Optional Complete Types as Input

I have an issue with Outsystems not behaving the way it should when calling a SOAP webservice. The webservice in question has a number of input parameters some of which are complex types such as tables. These tables are optional. Despite the configuration of the service indicating that the list and the individual items are not to be sent when empty, the calling of the service is passing a default record. The webservice on the other end is then throwing errors as the date and times are not in the correct format.

Each input property in the webservice has been set to have the following attributes set:
Is Mandatory = No
Min Occurences = 0
Send Default Value = No
Nillable = No

From the reading I have done and testing we have tried, this should result in the node not being included at all in the SOAP packet and this appears to work for simple types like text or numbers. However for tables such as that shown in the image attached, each list says the length is 0 but there is a "Current" record and that is being passed to the service causing the error to be thrown by the service for invalid data (see attachment screen shot of the debugger just prior to the call).

Does anyone have a solution to this or is there any chance that Outsystem could fix this bug? Before anyone suggests it, the web service is an external one that we have no control or access to modify. We just have to get the calling of this correct from Outsystems.
Hi Jacqui,
have you checked the online help?http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/default.htm#Integrating_with_other_systems/Web_Services/Consumed_SOAP_Method_Properties.htm

The behaviour you're trying to achieve should be possible.

Hi Joao. You're right. The documentation says it should behave in a particular way and it does do this for simple types just not for complex types.
Was the web service already imported or was it added recently?
I know that in some cases, if the web service is already imported and if it is going through platform version upgrades you may need to cut&paste the WS just so it adopts new behaviour. It may or may not be your case.

Just added in the past few days.
Hi all, if it would help, I'm posting the oml of the espace Jacqui and I are having trouble with.

The action is in Webservices > ZINT > ZNotificationGetByNo

it accepts a structure input, and that's where we're having issues with. We are only using the NotNum attribute of the structure, and the rest should just be empty nodes.