OutsystemsNowService - PushToken, where to set?


I'm currently working with Pushwoosh regarding Push Notifications. I have seen that this is already integrated with OutsystemsNow. 

I wonder how are push tokens being assigned to devices or services? There are accesses in our user device logs screen (OutsystemsNowService espace). Where and how is this being set?

Thank you!
Hi Geraldine,

The push token is sent asynchronously by the device. When the application starts, it requests Apple/Google for a push token to be used during that session (the last one is often reused), if the user agreed to use push services. When that token is received, it is sent to the server you connect with your application. If you haven't connect yet to any environmnet, it will be stored to be sent afterwards.

The token is sent along with a device identifier that is later on connected to the user who logs in.