[Custom Masks] Always display decimals

[Custom Masks] Always display decimals

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Published on 14 Nov by Caio Santana Magalhães
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Published on 14 Nov by Caio Santana Magalhães
Is it possible to always display the decimals, when i enter € 20,10 and with DecimalDigits: 2 i want to see € 20,10 and not €20,1.
Hi Matthias,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. I was not aware of that problem and it makes total sense to continue having the same value after the submit. I will check it and when I find a solution I will publish a new version and send you a message.

Hi Sara,

Any news on whether there'll be an update soon?
Hi Sara,

This problem is already fixed?

Thank you


First of all I would like to apologize for the super delay.

I just uploaded a new version where this behavior is fixed :)

Let me know if you have any other issues.

Thank you for using CustomMasks!


I wouldn't call 1.5 years a "delay", super or not. I find this rather disgraceful... Anyway, thanks for the update, we'll take a look.

You're right Kilian, I shouldn't call it a delay, once again I apologise for the inconvenience. I hope the component is working all good with this new version.

I would like to remind you that since this component is not officially supported, we as a community can all contribute with great solutions for this type of issues, and improve Custom Masks together.

Thank you for your understanding

Well, I understand that it's not always possible to react to the demands of the community, but that's different from staying completely silent for 1.5 years :)